Shareholding Structure

XTPL’s founders, Filip Granek and Sebastian Młodziński, as well as the investor Konrad Pankiewicz (who finances the company through Leonarto Sp. z o.o.) control more than 50% of votes at the General Meeting. The shareholding structure also includes two German investment funds: ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH on behalf of ACATIS Datini Valueflex Fonds (with a share of 7.12%) and Heidelberger Beteilungsholding AG (a subsidiary of Deutsche Balaton AG – with a 10.79% share).

1. Filip Granek303,28817.00
2.Sebastian Młodziński299,85216.81
3. Leonarto Sp. z o.o. *298,01516.71
4.Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding AG192,37110.79
5.TPL Sp. z o.o. **140,0207.85
6.ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH w imieniu ACATIS Datini Valueflex Fonds127,0007.12
7. Stefan Twardak103,0815.78
8.Konrad Pankiewicz *2,5730.14

Number of shares = Number of votes

% of shares = % of votes


*Konrad Pankiewicz, Member of the Supervisory Board, is the only one shareholder and the Chairman of the Board of Leonarto Sp. z o.o. Konrad Pankiewicz together with his affiliated entity own 300 588 shares of the company and 16.85% of the equity

** TPL Sp. z o.o. posess Series L shares, issued for employees shares option program. Shareholders of TPL Sp. z o.o. are:  Filip Granek, Chairman of the Board of the Issuer (34% of shares), Sebastian Młodziński, Member of the Board of the Issuer (33% of shares) and Adriana Pankiewicz who is Konrad Pankiewicz’s wife (33 % of shares)

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