Information about shares

Number of shares2,029,222
Number of votes at the General Meeting2,029,222
Nominal pricePLN 0.10
Share capitalPLN 234,987.70
Listing marketRegulated Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Trading systemcontinuous trading
Reuters CodeXTP.WA
LEI XTPL Code 259400H9PEQYON2NI017

Events related to the shares’ listing on the stock market

14 September 2017
XTPL’s debut on the NewConnect market

20 February 2019
XTPL’s debut on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw

SeriesNumber of shares/ votesShare in registered capital/ votes
Series A shares670,00033.018%
Series B shares300,00014.784%
Series C shares30,0001.478%
Series D shares198,5709.786%
Series E shares19,2100.947%
Series F shares19,2100.947%
Series G shares68,7203.387%
Series H shares68,7203.387%
Series I shares10,3100.508%
Series J shares5,1500.254%
Series K shares10,3100.508%
Series L shares140,0206.900%
Series M shares155,0007.638%
Series N shares47,0002.316%
Series O shares41,4002.040%
Series P shares42,6022.099%
Series S shares78,0003.844%
Series T shares125,0006.160%

Additional information about the Issuer’s Shares

  • Series A, B and C shares – transformation from a limited liability company (sp. z.o.o.) into a joint stock company (S.A.)
  • Series D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, O, P, S and T shares – private placements
  • Series M shares – public offering (July 2017)

Market Maker


The market maker of the Issuer’s shares is Trigon Dom Maklerski S.A. (Brokerage House) 

Trigon Dom Maklerski S.A.

Mogilska 65, 31-545 Kraków



phone.: +48 126 292 292

Information on compliance with the Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016

In accordance with the Rules of the Warsaw Stock Exchange companies listed on the WSE parallel market should follow the corporate governance principles set out in the document “Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016” (“Best Practice”).


The Best Practice is a collection of recommendations and rules of conduct referring in particular to the bodies of listed companies and their shareholders. The WSE Rules and resolutions of the WSE Management Board and Supervisory Board determine how listed companies should provide information on their compliance with the corporate governance principles and the scope of information provided. Where a particular principle is not followed by a listed company on a permanent basis or has been breached incidentally, the company is obliged to provide information about this fact in the form of a current report. In addition, a listed company is required to have its annual report accompanied by a report containing information about the scope of its application of the Best Practice in the particular financial year.

Corporate Governance

  • By Resolution No. 13/1834/2021 of March 29, 2021, the WSE Board has adopted a new set of corporate governance for companies listed on the WSE Main Market – “Good Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2021”. (Good Practices 2021, DPSN2021)
  • The new principles came into force on 1 July 2021.

The Good Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016 is available on the WSE’s website (

The Company seeks to ensure the highest possible transparency of its activities, quality communication with Investors and protection of shareholders’ rights also in any matters not regulated by law.

The company has published information on the application of the Good Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2021, which is available for download below:


Available for download:

A list of Corporate Governance Principles complied with by XTPL