Longtime Intel and Rambus leader joins XTPL Advisory Board

Harold Hughes has joined the Advisory Board of XTPL. A longtime executive and CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus, advisor of several electronics unicorn companies, he will be advising the firm and supporting it in its global expansion, including the US and Asian markets.

Harold Hughes, who served as the CFO of Intel for many years and was CEO of Rambus, has joined the international Advisory Board of XTPL S.A. The newly formed Advisory Board will support XTPL in its plans to globally implement leading edge nano-printing solutions.

Over the recent period Hughes participated in several such projects for the US-based companies, whose valuations often measured in billions of USD.

XTPL’s technology has a tremendous potential, which made easy my decision to join. I can sense the spirit of Silicon Valley in this company; a strong team, a unique, patented technology, big ambitions and a huge market to sell to. In printed electronics the best is still ahead of us. That’s why I am  joining XTPL, to support its ascent to the top – said Harold Hughes.

After he was involved for many years at the board levels of  Intel and Intel Capital, Hughes decided to get involved in several projects widely recognized in Silicon Valley. The chief among them was Rambus, quoted on NASDAQ. During Howard Hughes’ presidency Rambus, active, among others in the semiconductor memory space, reached valuation exceeding $4.5 billion. The new member of the Advisory Board of XTPL also participates in boards of companies such as Quantenna Communications (Wi-Fi chips, $0.6 billion capitalization at NASDAQ), and View Inc. (smart Glass sector, $0.715 financing and estimated valuation of $ 1.1 billion). Harold Hughes also supports another promising firm representing the Industry 4.0 sector from Silicon Valley – he advises Kateeva, which commercializes breakthrough solutions in the area of printing and inks for the new generation of OLED screens.

Paraphrasing Intel’s famous advertising tagline, one can say about XTPL: “Talent inside”. We aim high, so we reach to the smartest and most credible partners we can identify. Harold Hughes is invaluable as a strategic guide to Silicon Valley and someone who can help us commercialize and scale up our technology. We are impressed with his guidance, strategic advice, credibility and network of business relationships in the Valley – adds Filip Granek, the CEO and co-founder of the firm, while announcing that this is not the end of the process of building the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board of XTPL will soon be enlarged by an addition of other well regarded international industry leaders. XTPL itself is embarking on global expansion, while obtaining many awards for its technology (i.e., the latest award coming at the Display Week conference in Los Angeles – www.displayweek.org). Proof-of-concept projects are underway with several key players in the US market.

We want to commercialize our technology working with the main players of Silicon Valley – says Filip Granek.

Harold Hughes has been developing high-tech projects in Silicon Valley for the past 40 years. During the period 1974-2000 he held key managerial posts at Intel Corp. (among them, the position of CFO); he also co-founded Intel Capital.  After Intel he had been developing such firms as Pandesic or Rambus (where he served as the CEO from 2005 to 2012). The new member of XTPL’s Advisory Board holds board positions at several high-tech firms, e.g., Quantenna Communications, View Inc., as well as advises firms such as Kateeva, which commercializes breakthrough solutions in the area of fine print and inks needed in production of new generation of OLED screens. Harold Hughes is an MBA from the University of Michigan. Before starting his career in business, Mr. Hughes served for 5 years as an officer in the US Army.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harold-hughes-08272129/

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