I’ve been your shareholder for a long time.

Thank for your message and your interest in our activities. We will try to answer your questions as clearly as possible.

Since the beginning of XTPL’s formation, i.e. over the last six years, we have created a team and laboratories, developed and patented innovative technological solutions and devices, and built the first level of awareness among potential clients – both business and academic ones – in terms of existence of our technology and the potential of applying it in their processes of production of new generation electronics. In addition, during this period, we successfully moved from the research and development phase to the commercialization of the first proprietary products. During the last few months, we have sold two Delta Printing Systems, demonstrators of our technology. Their installation at such prestigious institutes that enjoy high repute among electronics manufacturers will allow us to consistently expand the awareness of the capabilities of our technology and products. We have also created an offer of highly concentrated conductive inks with silver nanoparticles. Our group of clients in this area is increasing, with new orders also coming from existing customers. Although these two business lines are not our ultimate business targets, they help us generate operating cash flows to support the further growth of our business until the first large implementations at global manufacturers of new generation printed electronics.

As regards the third business line – implementation of technology on the production lines of electronics manufacturers – it should be noted XTPL is reaching new milestones in the process of technology evaluation with its future buyers. The technological potential of XTPL that you have mentioned has recently grown significantly, as we have taken our technology to further stages of readiness for industrial implementations at our clients who work with us on evaluation processes. Our solutions are put to and successfully pass the tests by our counterparties, who check to what extent those solutions might help them remove the technological problems they are now facing in the production of next-generation electronics.

We are aware that for a part of the market, for some investors the pace at which we are going is insufficient. Perhaps these high expectations for XTPL growth put a strong pressure on our share price, causing its visible decline in the recent period. On the other hand, we can assure you that we are happy about the progress we are making as we reach important milestones on our development path.

Taking into account the history of companies operating in industries similar to ours (e.g. Novaled, Nano Dimension), as well as the opinions of foreign institutional investors that we been receiving during cyclical investor events in which participate, we can confirm that our pace is just right. We try to make it clear that the implementation of major changes in the current technologies for the production of electronic devices will not happen overnight. Manufacturers and suppliers of components, such as displays, not only look for solutions to the existing production problems, but are also keen to see technological inventions that could be implemented in the manufacture of next-generation devices that form part of their production plans for the coming years.

Please rest assured that all significant achievements relating to the development and commercialization of the XTPL technology will be announced to the public by means of relevant current reports. We have a communication strategy in place for this, so we encourage you to keep track of our progress going forward.

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