Hello, I’ve been your shareholder since the IPO.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your message and your trust put in our Company. We understand your concern regarding the current price of the Company’s shares and will try to address your question in detail.

It’s difficult for us to judge, and therefore to comment on, investors’ decisions about their dealing in the Company’s shares. Please note that over the four years you mentioned, many changes have taken place at the Company, at the corporate and operational level alike. The last year was especially important in this respect. XTPL has transformed from an R&D firm into a company with an orderly structure and business model. We have established – from scratch – three compatible and independent business lines, a team, and laboratories; we patented innovative technological solutions and devices. We have built the awareness of our clients – both business and scientific ones – about the existence of our technology and the possibility of applying it in their production processes for new generation electronics. We announced the commercialization of the Delta Printing System line of printers and today we have already sold and delivered four printers that will allow us to generate higher revenues. This is just the beginning of the commercialization of this business line. More importantly, these devices have not been sold at random to any buyers, but have been acquired by entities that develop state-of-the-art solutions and ideas for global manufacturers of next generation electronics.

The XTPL technology, which clients can get to know and test by using the Delta Printing System, arouses a lot of interest, as the quality of the solution offered stands out significantly from what has been available on the market to date. But please remember that a change in manufacturing processes will not happen overnight – our potential clients first need to explore the technological possibilities that we offer them. For this reason, our pipeline of industrial implementations contains nine active evaluation processes. They are still ongoing and are gradually moving to the next levels of progress. We also receive regular orders for our proprietary conductive nanoinks – our buyers also include foreign government institutions and large market players. In addition, please note the Company’s actively manged sales funnel. Together with distributors, the XTPL team successfully establishes and fosters relationships with clients, which results in the XTPL technology and products being included in purchasing discussions and investment budget plans for subsequent periods.

Revenues from the commercialization of our two business lines are gradually rising and will continue to do so in the following periods/ years. We find this crucial and important for us because, as announced, we have started to generate operating cash flows to support our further development until we finalize commercialization of the third, most important business line, which is industrial implementation of our technology – the Epsilon printing module – on production lines of global players who provide solutions for manufacturers of new generation electronics.

We understand that some investors may be unhappy with the pace at which the Company is growing. Perhaps those high expectations towards XTPL have strongly influenced the recently observed decline in the share price. At the same time, the Company achieves the first tangible successes in the international commercialization of its patented solutions on global markets. Taking into account the history of firms operating in industries similar to ours, i.e. in deep-technology, new materials and new technological processes (e.g. Novaled, Nano Dimension), as well as the opinions of foreign institutional investors and industry analysts, we believe that our pace is just right. We are trying to make it clear that implementation of major changes in the technologies of production of electronic equipment will not happen overnight. Manufacturers and suppliers of components, such as displays, not only look for solutions to the existing production problems, but are also keen to see technological inventions that could be implemented in the manufacture of next-generation devices that form part of their production plans for the coming years.

Please rest assured that all significant achievements relating to the development and commercialization of the XTPL technology will be announced to the public by means of relevant current reports. In this regard, we have a communication strategy in place and we encourage you to follow our progress.

We trust that you will find this answer sufficient and clear. Should you have additional questions or comments, please contact us again using the email address dedicated to Shareholders and Investors: investors@xtpl.com or by calling us directly.

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