Hello, I’d like to ask about the possibility of investing into your business. How can I do this? What’s the price of your shares? Can I invest as a natural person, or as a legal entity (Polish or foreign)?

Our shares are listed on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and you can buy them through an investment (brokerage) account opened with a bank (e.g. as part of your personal/ business account) or with a brokerage house of your choice. It is only with an active brokerage account that will be able to buy and otherwise deal in XTPL shares.

The stock price is determined by the transactions concluded daily by all investors buying or selling the company’s shares. You can follow the quotation of our shares on many news websites, such as Interia.pl – please note that the data there are published with a 15 minute delay. Real-time price tracking is available from paid applications and services. You might inquire about such access with your bank or brokerage house that will maintain your investment account.

Our shares may be purchased by a natural person or a legal entity (firms, corporations). When the buyer is a foreign entity, they should check the conditions of the investment account for this type of client, specifically in the context of money-laundering provisions of national and international law.

XTPL shares are also listed on the Open Market of Deutsche Boerse in Frankfurt. So perhaps it might be a more convenient option for a foreign entity to invest through a capital market institution based in Germany.

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