Hello, I’d like to ask about the Delta printing system printers on offer. What’s the percentage of printer sales compared to the number of printers offered to potential clients? In addition, after you had signed a contract with nScrypt for the sale of Nanopaste CL85, did you close any subsequent sales transactions for this product?

Dear Sir,

In the first quarter of this year we submitted 4 offers to potential buyers of the Delta Printing System (DPS) and carried out 9 demo projects and negotiation processes as part of those offers. In the whole of 2021, those were 27 offers and 42 demo projects. It should be pointed out here that a conventional approach to the DPS sales funnel (devices offered vs sold) does not really reflect our actual sales process. This is because rather than establishing a general sales target, our sales team identified specific clients to be approached with a DPS purchase offer. Last year, we successfully sold 5 printers in this way. Due to the specific nature of the clients we have reached, it may take 18–24 months to close a sale. In addition, some of the offers that we have already submitted may be finalised next year or in two years.

At the moment, we can confirm that the commercialization process of Nanopaste CL85 in cooperation with nScrypt is on track. We are satisfied with this cooperation and if this business starts to have a significant share in the Company’s revenues, we will certainly communicate this fact.

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