During the meeting with investors summarizing the third quarter

Dear Sir,

During the last earnings conference the CEO of XTPL Filip Granek indeed referred to the possible signing of a cooperation agreement. Nano Dimension was among the firms we discussed this subject with. These talks ended with the cooperation agreement being signed in January 2022.

In accordance with XTPL’s communication policy, we do not comment on private opinions expressed in various communication channels, including on private social media profiles.

As regards one of our business lines: the Delta Printing System, it should be emphasized that the Company has already commercialized it, and its sales have been gradually rising since the second half of 2021. So far, we have delivered four devices to a selected group of clients: research institutes, whose progress in R&D and the technologies used in the process are closely watched by global industrial market players.

All entities that we have approached with the offer to purchase the Delta Printing System are prestigious innovators in the field of searching for and discovering new technologies, and their subsequent integration into ongoing projects. It is important to note that their feedback has a strong impact in the industrial world among global producers of next generation electronics – it is such institutions that they go to for innovations and technological solutions they need. Our prototyping device is a kind of XTPL technology ambassador that builds the system’s credibility and establishes its position as a future production standard.

We would also like to point out that the revenues from the sale of those devices strengthen the Company’s working capital, supporting further growth of our business.  Last but not least, please note that the market of electronic prototyping devices is to see CAGR of 31% in the years 2021–2031. At the same time, the global annual sales of printers for R&D, rapid prototyping and small-lot production in the area of the broadly understood printed electronics sector amount to approx. 250–500 devices per annum, at a price of approx. EUR 50–500 thousand per device. Therefore, with the appropriate technology and compatible products, such as conductive inks, this is currently an important segment for the development of the Company’s operations.

I trust that you will find this answer sufficient and clear. Should you have additional questions or comments, please contact us again.


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