Hello, I’m concerned about the continued decline of the Company value.


Thank you for your message and for staying in touch with us. As we have already pointed out, while we look at the evolution of the Company’s share price it seems that some investors do not fully comprehend the process of XTPL development that is taking place. Perhaps some kind of impatience or high expectations towards the Company contribute to the observed decline in the share price. It’s difficult for us to judge, and therefore to comment on, investors’ decisions about their dealing in the Company’s shares. In our opinion, the current share price in no way reflects the development stage of XTPL. We make every effort to broadly and reliably inform and educate the market on the nature of the Company’s operations, and above all its achievements in the most important areas of our activity. We have developed and use a communication strategy to support us in building relationships with our investors and providing them with reliable information. We believe that our efforts in this regard will soon help stabilize investors’ moods.

Let us reassure you that XTPL is going at a very good pace, which is particularly visible in the last 12 months also when it comes to the commercialization of our solutions. Please note that not so long ago the commercialization of our solutions and products was merely an aspiration. And now we have already sold and delivered four Delta Printing Systems, and have a constantly growing group of buyers of our XTPL nanoinks. The gradually growing sales in these two business lines will generate sufficient revenue to finance our operating activities already next year. Evaluation work is also ongoing in relation to projects connected with the implementation of the Company’s technology on industrial production lines of the major players in the electronics market of the next generation. In addition, our overall project portfolio also includes several other projects that we have not communicated to the public yet due to the early stage of the related R&D work. XTPL is a deep-tech company, and as such we are set to maintain a steady growth trajectory. Our team is actively looking for new application fields. We carefully monitor our market, the emerging needs of global electronics manufacturers, and keep track of our potential competitors’ activities. We also know that our technology is unique in terms of the printing (deposition) of conductive features in the electronics production process.

You gave an interesting example of the use of inventions and the latest technologies, but please note that there is a significant difference in the profile and industry of the entity you mentioned and XTPL. For this reason, the technology described in the article does not constitute direct competition for the implementation of the XTPL technology.

We trust that you will find this answer sufficient and clear. Should you have additional questions or comments, please contact us again using the email address dedicated to Shareholders and Investors: investors@xtpl.com or by calling us directly.

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