XTPL goes ahead with the first commercial order

  • XTPL carries out its first sales transaction of nanoink based on silver nanoparticles;
  • Nanoink is one of the key elements of the XTPL technology, protected by international patent applications;
  • Delivery is carried out for one of the partners operating in the display sector, the first application field commercialized by XTPL;
  • The sale of the nanoink confirms the significant potential of the Polish company’s technology.


Nanoinks with a unique formulation are one of the elements of XTPL’s ultra-precise printing method. Developed by the firm’s in-house R&D unit, nanoinks have innovative physicochemical properties which are interesting from the point of view of manufacturers of advanced electronics. The breakthrough nanoink formulations are among the key enablers of the company’s excellent results in terms of printing precision.

When implementing projects for partners from the high-tech industry, we have repeatedly received confirmations of the outstanding quality of the nanoinks synthesized by XTPL. Inks are key elements of our method, protected by international patent applications. The first purchase of the nanoink by one of our partners brings the company closer to commercial entry into the advanced electronics market – says Filip Granek, the CEO of XTPL.

The transaction confirms the significant potential of the company’s technology and strengthens the business relationship between the entities.

Most of the inks used by XTPL are based on silver nanoparticles, and this kind of product was ordered by our partner. We also use other elements, including gold, copper and platinum, as well as e.g. quantum dots. Thanks to such diversity of materials, XTPL can flexibly respond to the needs of the market and individual clients. We see a considerable interest in nanoinks from at least several entities, and our first deal is a confirmation of this fact. Importantly, such transactions open up further commercial opportunities and increase our credibility Filip Granek explains.

XTPL is constantly optimizing its technology – including the formulation of nanoinks – and brings the entire process in line with the requirements of new potential clients. The company adapts its technology to various application fields, and then offers a dedicated technological solution to industrial partners.

XTPL’s nanoprinting technology will help manufacturers achieve significant competitive advantages. Recent months confirm this. In recent months we have informed about signing agreements with strong partners  who contact us also on their own initiative. It makes us happy and motivates us to work even harder. Together with our partners, we want to develop the XTPL method further to solve technological challenges not only for current but also future generations of products – Filip Granek sums up.

Due to the need for confidentiality, the XTPL client did not agree to disclose its name.

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