XTPL Will License Its Technology

Licensing will become a method of commercializing XTPL’s technology on the display market for use in the open defect repair. This decision is an outcome of the talks with partners interested in acquiring the company’s technology, and analyzes confirming the advantages of such a model.

The company is conducting talks with regards to the commercialization of its technology with several large players. Among them there are leading suppliers of production lines for the display sector (potential direct clients of the technological company). This group includes, inter alia, an international corporation listed on NASDAQ, whose revenues in 2018 amounted to more than USD 4 billion. Another interested partner is a large Korean display manufacturer (potential end customer for XTPL technology), listed on the Seoul Stock Exchange, whose revenues for 2018 have exceeded USD 50 billion. Licensing is the preferred model for most of the potential clients who are interested in purchasing the solution offered by the company.
– All these entities have declared their interest in cooperation with XTPL in the area of open defect repair specifically in the licensing model. They have also confirmed their readiness to make a reference visit in our laboratories soon. XTPL has the potential to support global giants from the display industry and other advanced electronics sectors, so that they can produce new generation devices based on the company’s licensed know-how” – Filip Granek, the CEO and co-creator of XTPL, explains.

Above all, the company’s management board points to the possibility of using the existing potential of the future licensee to prepare the technology effectively for industrial implementation. Such work usually involves testing the solution in several cycles under production conditions.

Quite importantly, in this model, it is the licensee that is responsible for all aspects related to the sale of the final product (logistics, distribution and customer support). In this case, the final product will be devices for the production of displays with modules for open defect repair based on XTPL’s unique technology.
– We believe that strategic partnerships and technology licensing will allow us to implement the technology in the particular sector in the most effective way, then secure recurring revenues and focus on the next application field. The breakthrough technology and protected IP generates business advantages for years, bringing major, stable earnings. This is a long-term model to build a globally significant technology company with the highest measurable value – Filip Granek has emphasized.

The licensing model adopted by XTPL requires that appropriate preparations are made and that the subject of the license – intellectual property and unique know-how – is globally protected. For this reason, the company is planning to gradually increase its patent cloud.

The talks with potential clients also indicate that an important factor affecting the license value is the development of the XTPL technology for open defect repair for new generation of displays, which will enter production in the following years. For this reason, the company is launching an additional R&D project designed to meet the potential technological requirements for these generations of products. If successful, the project will extend the expected economic live of the license held by licensees by another several years.

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