International Players Interested in Investing in XTPL

Western investors have once more declared their readiness to invest in XTPL. To meet the expectations of these reputable international entities, the Management Board of XTPL has decided to issue shares with a price range corresponding to the average stock market quotations from the last month, reduced by a 7% discount. The company will allocate the acquired funds for further development – especially in the Southeast Asian market – and to strengthening its patent cloud.

The regular meetings with Western investors held by the Management Board in recent months have shown that the local financial institutions are not only interested in the activities of XTPL, but are also willing to inject capital into the company. The readiness to take up XTPL shares has been expressed by foreign investment funds. The Management Board of XTPL, which is building up an international structure of renowned investors, has decided to issue up to 65,000 new shares at PLN 130 per share.

The technology being developed by XTPL is expected to be a game changer in the industry. We can see this clearly by talking to, for example, corporations from the flat display market, which is the first sector where the company intends to implement its technology. We are setting up around us strong structures of international market experts brought together in our Advisory Board – and we are open to cooperation with foreign investors who have enormous experience in investing into technology companies at an early stage of development. They understand XTPL’s long-term potential and patiently support the firm on its path to commercialization. For this reason, we are very pleased that next international funds have expressed their interest in acquiring the issue of shares – said Filip Granek, CEO and co-founder of XTPL.

XTPL has secured funds for running its business, but an injection of fresh capital will boost the firm’s capabilities in terms of commercialization works. The funding can significantly accelerate the capital-intensive processes planned out by the company.

– XTPL has secured funds for day-to-day operations, but we are facing further significant investments to build our potential in the future. In addition to the unique technology and the team, intellectual property is our greatest asset, which is why we are going to use the acquired funds mostly to further develop our patent cloud. We are highly advanced in terms of cooperation with large corporations in developing our breakthrough open defect repair solution for the display sector. In this context, additional capital will allow us to act faster and be an equal partner. The smart glass market is our another strategic priority. Long-term investments in this area are necessary as XTPL is strongly committed to the development of the technology jointly with our partner (a leader in this sector). This is to be a response to the sector’s significant challenges which the market has not managed to tackle yet, but which it believes may be addressed by our technology – said Maciej Adamczyk, Management Board member of XTPL.

XTPL also plans to increase future expenditures on business development in Southeast Asia. Due to the concentration of key players from the display sector, this area is currently one of the priority markets for the company.

This strategic course is confirmed by the recent appointment of Hiroshi Menjo, a Japanese who was instrumental to the successes of young Japanese and American technology companies, to the board of the U.S. subsidiary of XTPL.

– The market needs a balance between the development of end products and their component technologies. XTPL technology is a solution that supports this balance and at the same time carries a huge change in performance, quality, and cost. Therefore, XTPL has enormous potential, but it needs focused strategy when entering the market, among others the Asian market. That’s one of the reasons why I have accepted to join the company’s Advisory Board.– Hiroshi Menjo explains.

It was not the first time that the Management Board of XTPL noted foreign investors’ interest in taking up the company’s shares. Previously, investments into XTPL stock were made twice by German funds: Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding and ACATIS Investment.

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