Filip Granek among the best entrepreneurs in the world

The jury of the Polish edition of the EY Entrepreneur Of the Year competition, consisting of esteemed market experts, noted the potential of the technology developed by XTPL, and in November 2018 awarded him with the Entrepreneur of the Year title. This Saturday, Filip Granek, PhD, will take part in the global final of the EY competition, during which he will be representing Poland in the fine company of the world’s best businessmen.

Ever since its inception, XTPL has aimed at development of the global technology, and saw foreign expansion as the best chance for rapid growth. It has every reason to believe in its plan as the solution it has been working on may revolutionize at least several industry sectors. XTPL develops and commercializes on the global market its advanced, additive technology for ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. The unique XTPL printing system is used for precise deposition of the in-house formulated nanoink on a variety of substrates and allows creating extremely thin conductive and non-conductive structures. The precision offered by XTPL opens a new chapter in the cost-effective and scalable manufacturing of advanced devices such as the next generation high-resolution displays..

– This is an example of an entrepreneur who changes the world around us, who creates added value for the economic development of Poland, and who on top of that has passion and courage to realize his dreams – said Jacek Kędzior, managing partner of EY Poland Poland, during the final gala of the Polish edition of the Entrepreneur Of the Year competition in November 2018.

Filip Granek owes his victory to “his work on the technology that has a real chance to change the world for the better” – as the jury of the prestigious competition explained in its verdict.
The breakthrough nature and potential of XTPL solutions, which appealed to the jury of the Polish edition of the Entrepreneur Of the Year competition, were also confirmed by the global players from the first markets on which the company is currently focusing its activities. They are a key element of the firm’s grand business design that is expected to lead to industrial implementation.

– Right now, we are working with several global corporations, which confirm that our technology is ground-breaking. We meet the objectives that our partners set for us (sometimes that they even ask about the price for the whole company, but we cut such conversations because we know that it is too early for them). This confirmation results from the validation of our technology by these corporations’ R&D departments. However, we need to remember that our potential clients are large players and we have to work to the pace they set – explained Filip Granek during a recent investor’s chat.

In order to play in the same league with the global leaders of individual market segments, XTPL is constantly investing in development, regularly meets with the most important potential partners and participates in the largest trade shows in the world, intensively building its global network of contacts. In this way, it acts as an ambassador of Polish technological know-how and innovation on the international front. Soon the company will use the opportunity to make an international presence again. On Saturday, Monte Carlo will host the final of the EY World Entrepreneurship Of The Year competition, in which XTPL CEO Filip Granek will present himself among most prominent representatives of the global business from over 60 countries, including Brad Keywell (CEO of Uptake Technologies and winner of the U.S. edition of the competition), Hirotake Yano (president of Daiso Industries Co, winner of the competition in Japan) and Yves Guillemot (CEO and co-founder of Ubisoft, winner of the French edition of the competition).

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