XTPL a step away from the WSE

XTPL will soon make its debut on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The prospectus of the nanotechnology company has just been approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. By changing the listing system, the company will gain access to a wider base of institutional investors, and will be able to seek dual listing on one of the Western European stock exchanges.

XTPL shares will soon change listing market. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) has just completed proceedings regarding approval of the company’s share prospectus, which will enable XTPL’s transition to the main trading floor of the WSE.

“The goal for our stock exchange debut is clear. We want to attract interest from new institutional investors, both international and domestic, who invest in globally groundbreaking innovations. Many of these entities don’t acquire shares of companies from the Alternative Trading System. XTPL is in a rapid development phase, which stimulates investment interest from large players in the financial market. By opening up to the new group of investors, we expect our activities, especially those focusing on the US market and designed to expand our patent portfolio, to gain even more momentum”, says Filip Granek, PhD, CEO and founder of XTPL, which in 2018 came on top in the ranking of the most profitable investments in Poland, bringing a 110% net profit to investors.

“The KNF’s positive decision and presence on the WSE also boosts the credibility of XTPL as a potential business partner. This opens the door to dual listing on one of the Western European stock exchanges and brings us even closer to investors, e.g. those from Germany, who already have a strong share in XTPL’s shareholding structure”,

Filip Granek adds.

Now that the company’s prospectus has been approved by the KNF, in the coming days it will be available electronically on XTPL’s website and on the website of the investment firm. Before submitting relevant documents to the WSE, the company intends to request the Polish National Depositary of Securities (KDPW) for registration and dematerialization of the series of shares which are currently not admitted to trading. The company will announce the planned date of its stock exchange debut in a press release.

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