New potential for XTPL technology in the smart glass sector

Nanotechnological XTPL closes the third quarter of 2018 being at the same time involved in an advanced, multi-phase proof of concept project for the growing smart glass sector. The Company is particularly active in the US market and it is working on new patent applications. This rapid development has been strengthened by further investments of the two German funds: ACATIS and Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding. The latter on November 12 informed about exceeding 10% in the company’s shareholding structure.

“The third quarter of 2018 is a very fruitful period for us. Both the R&D team and the operations team responsible for business development, are now sharpening their focus. With support from the experienced advisory board we have selected key application areas for our technology that have the highest commercial potential at our current development stage. The XTPL advisory board consists of people with an impressive portfolio, market experts who know how to effectively reach the Company’s goals. This allows us to operate with even more confidence. We are currently stepping up efforts to validate our technology for a partner from the smart glass sector in the United States”, commented Filip Granek, the CEO of XTPL.

“The smart glass market is currently experiencing a strong growth trend. One area where development could accelerate even faster growth is switching time from lighter to darker shades. XTPL’s technology has the potential in enable that advance.” added Harold Hughes, former CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus, and now, inter alia, a member of the XTPL advisory board.

By realizing proof-of-concept projects, the Company confirms the unique capabilities of the technology for specific industries. – “This was also the case with a China-based global manufacturer of equipment for the production of displays. Currently, preparations for the firm’s reference visit to our headquarters are nearing completion. Patience pays off”, Granek adds.

Implementation of the present, extremely advanced technical specification, will open the door for XTPL to the very promising smart glass segment, which is on a steep growth path, particularly in the North American market.

In 2017, the size of this sector was USD 200 million, but what is worth noting CAGR 2017-2022 of as much as 40,6%*. Partnership with the manufacturer who has a chance to dominate this market, may represent an essential part of the company’s future business in the medium and long-term. Financing for the commercialisation activities in the United States is secured through the new capital contributions obtained from the company’s German shareholders: ACATIS and Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding investment funds. The funds raised, nearly PLN 9 million, will also strengthen XTPL’s international patent portfolio. Their intended business effect is above all to secure further layers of the IP being created.

“The company is to generate revenues from the sales of dedicated printing heads and nanoinks, but in some cases we do not exclude also licensing of our technology. As a beneficiary, XTPL will gain access to markets whose size is measured in billions of dollars. If successful, the commercialisation of XTPL solutions for those markets will mean a huge growth in terms of the company’s value, which will be based to a large degree on the intellectual property we have secured”, Granek explains.

Currently, XTPL seeks to achieve fast development of its patent portfolio and is in active talks with a leading US producer of smart glass. Once the proof-of-concept is successfully completed with this firm, the next phase of the project will begin. Implementation of the groundbreaking nanoprinting technology developed by XTPL for this sector is expected to provide end users with a new generation of solutions with unprecedented functionalities.



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