Another German Fund to Reinvest in XTPL

Deutsche Balaton AG Group (controlling entity of Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding AG) has decided to make another investment in XTPL. The fund is to take up a private issue of shares of the company developing disruptive, ultra-precise technology for printing nanomaterials. The raised capital of EUR 1,05 million is to be used for further strategic strengthening of commercialization of the company’s solutions in the United States and development of its patent portfolio.

Deutsche Balaton AG Group – through one of its subsidiaries Heidelberger Beteiligungsholding AG – has been supporting XTPL since the beginning. Management of the fund is aware that such advanced technology projects require time and a longer incubation period, but the expected returns are also significantly higher.

This time, the German fund, which already holds approx. 6% of the company’s shares, is going to spend PLN 4,5 million to acquire 41 thousand shares. Acquired funds will support two aspects of XTPL development which are currently of critical importance, namely: continued business development and effective commercialization in the United States, and preparation and processing of further patent applications.

“The news of the positive decision taken by the Heidelberger fund reached us right in Silicon Valley. Together with the key members of the XTPL technology team we are now in the United States working on several important agenda items. One of these is strategic meetings with members of the Advisory Board: Harold Hughes – long-standing CFO of Intel and CEO of Rambus, and Amir Nayyerhabibi – former manager at Intel and Cisco. We want to effectively achieve the objectives of the latest issue of shares. At the same time, due to further technological breakthroughs, we see the need to finance subsequent patent applications to ensure even wider protection for the company’s intellectual property”, emphasises Filip Granek, PhD, CEO and co-founder of XTPL.

Listed on the New Connect market, the company, which is entering the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange already this autumn, creates technology solutions for ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials dedicated for specific industrial applications: a unique printing head and a compatible nanoink. This technology is being commercialized in a broadly understood sector of printed electronics: including displays, semiconductors, smart glass, anti-counterfeit solutions and biosensors. This market is expected to reach the value of USD 70 billion in 2026 (according to the IDTechEx report “Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics 2015–2025”).  The company has all the advantages to revolutionize, thanks to its breakthrough technology, mentioned areas of industry. Those advantages are: strong R&D competence, powerful laboratory facilities and a team of managers focused on consistent commercialization on international markets. XTPL is currently conducting proof-of-concept projects for several dozen potential partners from around the world, including significant players from the Silicon Valley, and expects the first commercial contracts in the upcoming quarters.


XTPL S.A. provides a disruptive, additive technology of ultra-precise deposition, which enables creation of designed nanostructures for various applications with unparalleled accuracy (with structures even 1 μm), versatility, simplicity and simultaneous reduction of total costs for manufacturers. Due to its platform character, the solution will be applied in the broadly understood sector of printed and flexible electronics as well as in the semiconductor sector. In the future, the technology will enable the production of a new generation of transparent conductive films (TFCs), used in the production of, inter alia, monitors, touch screens, photovoltaic cells and displays – in the latter industry, XTPL can also provide a solution for repairing defects in thin-film electronic circuits and for deposition of quantum dots. The XTPL method also opens up revolutionary applications in biosensors or in the anti-counterfeit solutions sector. The company’s solution has all the features of a disruptive technology. XTPL intends to provide customers with an innovative printing head (each time dedicated to a specific application) and specially designed nanoinks for optimum results. The company is listed on the New Connect market.  



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