An international investment fund becomes a shareholder of XTPL

ACATIS Investment GmbH, an investment fund based in Germany, took up over 5% of XTPL’s shares in a public offering. The new shareholder is one of the best known investment funds in Europe. The value of ACATIS’s assets is EUR 3bn.

ACATIS Investment GmbH manages one of the most often awarded German investment funds. Dr Hendrik Leber, the head of the fund, was named the best investment fund manager in 2017 by one of the leading economic publishers in Germany, Der Finanzen Verlag, while the Privat Banker magazine awarded ACATIS Investment GmbH with the title of the best boutique fund in 2016. Moreover, the fund has been receiving Euro Fund Awards each year in various categories.

The involvement of an international investor confirms the reliability of our business model. Now that ACATIS is our shareholder, it means a financial boost for our company as well as the access to international know-how regarding value and business development in technology sectors, including the establishment of new relations with entities operating in different markets (i.e. potential customers). We believe that having ACATIS as our partner will improve our ratings by potential global customers and will give us the opportunity to present them with our technology, says Dr Filip Granek, CEO at XTPL.

The investment strategy of ACATIS Investment GmbH consists in selecting companies with a significant growth potential and the intrinsic value exceeding the current market price. The fund is a long-term investor, therefore it improves the stability of the shareholding structure. Moreover, the addition of XTPL’s shares to ACATIS’s portfolio shows that the fund sees the future potential and good prospects of nanotechnology. In line with its investment policy, ACATIS shares its experiences and provides active support in order to build the value of the companies in which it invests.

Under the subscription for shares in the public offering in July, XTPL gained PLN 10m for the commercialization of its technology. The total number of shares in the public offering was 155,000, including 135,000 in the institutional tranche. The retail tranche comprised 20,000 shares in total. The demand in the retail tranche was 13 times larger than the available number of shares, which translated into the reduction rate of 93%.

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